About Me

As with all writers, my writing reflects my diverse interests and experience. I’ve had a meandering career route, from youth worker to complementary health therapist and journalist to PR – and not necessarily one at a time.

Throughout this time, the one constant in my life (other than my family and friends of course) has been writing. I’ve always loved the process. That’s not to say words always flow smoothly, but when you slip into that dream space where ideas stream from your head to the page without effort, it’s a magical feeling.

A couple of years ago, I started dabbling with the world of self-publishing when artist Jessica Stride and I co-created Bear and Popple Play Hide and Seek. It started as a personal project but it showed me that self-publishing was easier than I thought.

As well as publishing a collection of short stories: Love, Life … but not quite the Universe, I wanted to produce handy guides to using flower remedies. As a qualified therapist, I’m often asked for advice and recommending remedies that can help children and adults. The guides have been kept deliberately short so they’re an easy go to when needed.